About Denny O'Rourke

Denny O'Rourke is a two-time BMI Award winner and the composer of a number one hit for Randy Travis entitled Honky Tonk Moon. After three years at the University of Massachusetts, the Boston born entertainer joined the Merchant Marine and sailed freighters and oil tankers in the Far East. In 1974 he went to Dublin, Ireland, and over the next twenty months made a living reviewing books for an Irish Times fortnightly, and singing in pubs and hotels. Along the way he acquired dual citizenship.

Returning to America he began performing full time, and in 1981 he recorded an album of original country rock that received some attention in New England. A DJ advised him to relocate to Nashville, and there, after a few years of writing and pitching songs, he scored with the Travis hit. Another album of originals, recorded in Nashville, followed in the mid-nineties.

He collaborated with four other Irish entertainers on a book of personal, often humorous, sometimes poetic stories recounting their lives and adventures as road musicians. He conceived the idea and served as editor. “Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales from the Irish Music Trenches” was published by Llumina Press. He is the composer of the song Anywhere, USA which opens the documentary Megamall.

Denny resides in the town of Fairview, TN, on the western side of Nashville.