Songs in search of an Artist

Just an Old Love Song

One of my best. But right now I’m told it’s TOO COUNTRY for Music Row. Therefore: Attention Americana/Roots Music Female Artists with the vocal chops!

Battleship of Love

Fun song. Plenty of room for some fiery, electric guitar licks.

Maybe If I Fell In Love

Wrote this one without benefit of an instrument. Dennis Burnside put a piano arrangement to it. Male or female vocal.

Hold On To Each Other

A little light jazz. This is my favorite cut from the Honky Tonk Moon album. Jim Hoke on sax. Tried a pitch to Harry Connick, Jr among others, years ago. Couldn’t get in a door.

Rockin’ My Baby to Sleep

I’m especially proud of these lyrics, and I prefer this early demo version to the one that made it to the HTM album. The slide guitar is sublime, but I should have found a way to add some subtle Caribbean drumming on this.

Shoulders of the Sea

The only instrumental I’ve ever written and performed. Open tune D.

Into the Sunny Skies

A male/female duet. I had fun writing this one. That’s Britt Savage and me. The percussionist was the late Tom Roady, an amazing musician and a warm, wonderful fella. We recorded in his studio. I made a mistake leaving open spaces between the lyrics. I had an idea to fill them with another instrument, which I did not act upon while in the studio. I hurried it, wanting to pitch it ASAP. Thumbs went down. Years went by. I took it to BMI, where an exec listened for less than a minute. “When did you do this?” he asked. I said, “I wrote it and recorded it eight years ago.” “It sounds it,” he said dismissively, while ejecting the CD. “What else have you got?” I gave him a Country Rock tune. He stopped it halfway through. “Don’t you know Country is going more and more pop? Aren’t you listening to the radio?” I picked up the CD’s, thanked him for his time, and left.

All songs written by Dennis O’Rourke and published by Hannah Rhodes Music except Battleship of Love, written with Fred Koller / Lucrative Music.